Which water device is right for me, my family, and our specific needs?

We've showcased our most popular water devices below. Compare them based on your unique needs and preferences. Embark on a transformative water journey – it's your choice. Should you have any questions about technology, installation, or applications, please reach out to our support team. We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you.


The first water device with a hybrid water cell for alkaline water and hydrogen-rich water in one. Hydroversity at its best.

World's first: A water device with enhancing light frequencies that activate your energy centers (chakras).

The unique under-sink unit with a separate designer faucet. The water device located beneath the sink. Space-saving and timeless.

Flexible water outlet

Dual-Filter Technology


Voice guidance

Eco power adapter

Wall mount option



AutoFlow Technology

Turbo Function

Quantity preselection

LCD Touchdisplay

Separate touchscreen faucet

Hybrid water cell


Hydrogen-rich water



alkaline / acidic / purified

alkaline / acidic / purified

alkaline / acidic / purified

Light-Modul Frequencies




Product Features

Learn about the various functions in detail.

7E Water Cell

The water cell with seven platinum-plated titanium electrodes allows five water levels for alkaline ActiveWater and another two levels for acidic functional water.

Auto Control-Technology

This function checks the safe and smooth operation of the Aquion water device. In the event of a malfunction, a corresponding message appears on the display. 

Auto Flow-Technology

The auto flow function ensures a constant flow rate regardless of the water pressure and offers both safety and comfort. 

Hybrid Water Cell

The world‘s first electrolytic hybrid water cell for hydrogenation and ionisation of drinking water with maximum molecular hydrogen.

Unmatched water diversity

Three levels of basic antioxidant ActiveWater, two levels of acidic functional water, neutral filtered water, turbo-alkaline water and hydrogen water can be selected. 

Auto Clean-Function

The self-cleaning function offers both safety and convenience. The automatic rinsing process protects the water cell from calcification. 


The highly sensitive Aquion LCD touch panel guarantees easy operation and transparency in functions and processes. In parallel, the voice guidance offers additional comfort. 

Light-Module Pro

The unique and patented Aquion technology charges the water with light energy. Five and optional nine adjustable frequencies are available for all water levels.

Eco Power Supply

The eco power pack works highly efficiently and saves resources. This means that the PRIMUS Series has the lowest power consumption in its class despite its high performance. 

Turbo Function

The turbo function provides particularly efficient functional water with high cleaning power. Turbo water is not drinkable.

eSmog Protector

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. The eSmog Protector (optional) strengthens a person’s biofield against radiation from electronic devices.

Dual-Filtration Technology

The combination of activated carbon block and UF hollow membrane filter removes more than 200 foreign substances while preserving the natural mineral content of the water. And it's vegan too.

Quick Change-Filter Change

The practical twist cap makes changing the filter child‘s play. It takes less than two minutes to change the filter for excellent water quality. 

15 Year Guarantee

Aquion water devices are of high quality construction and designed for long use. Therefore, there is a up to 15 year guarantee which in turn provides the ultimate maintenance every 3 years and care.