Our story


Aqu (aqua ] + ion ( ionize )

We are on a mission with water and values


Activate what empowers you. We've decided to make a difference and contribute to people and the environment. Our mission is to inspire people to embrace the power of hydration. Water, the very essence of life, deserves our attention. Our medically-approved products come with up to 15 years guarantee, standing as a proof to their quality. Discover more about ActiveWater and embark on your transformative water journey today.


These are our six corporate values

1. Respect
We value the individuality and contribution of each person. Therefore, we create products that help people tap into their strength. Our approach is characterized by appreciation.

2. Authenticity
We stand for sincerity and truthfulness. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. And we hold ourselves accountable to our statements.

3. Self-Responsibility
We understand that self-responsibility is integral to human freedom. That's why we offer products that support independently-thinking individuals in their self-determination.

4. Sustainability
We feel committed to nature. Therefore, we handle resources responsibly. Our products are durable, sustainably produced, and minimize waste.

5. Innovation
We tackle the challenges of our time with creativity and fresh ideas. We think solution-oriented and foster an open-minded spirit within our company.

6. Eco-Ethical
The water from our Aquion water system is eco-ethical. There are no transport routes and no plastic packaging. It is filtered to a high quality and retains its natural minerals. And it will not be taken away from anyone, because it comes from regional supplies and flows back into the natural cycle. So fair and sustainable that many generations can use it.

Certification and Standard

Certification according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO Medical Advise and GMP Quality (Good Manufacturing Practice Certification).

All certifications can be viewed under the standard information. If you would like our documents to be sent to you, please let us know.

Humanitarian Commitment

We assist people in developing countries in accessing clean water. To this end, we support the well projects of the non-profit association Madamfo Ghana e.V. Their motto is “Help for self-help.” While this sounds simple, it often poses significant challenges in developing countries.

The realization of the wells in Beposo (Ghana) took over a year. It was essential for this project to involve the village people in the planning and implementation. An organizational committee was established from the village elders, and each step was planned collaboratively. Imparting technical skills ensures the maintenance of the well and sustainable water supply.