Aquion PRIMUS Pro

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Aquion PRIMUS Pro - Advanced Electro-Physical Water Refinement

The newly developed and patented hybrid water cell of the PRIMUS Pro offers a multitude of options for electro-physical water refinement. Within seconds, it produces energy-rich ionized ActiveWater or Hydrogen-rich Water, providing a true turbocharge for the human organism.

The Aquion PRIMUS Pro offers eight distinct types of water. The specially designed Aquion Light-Module Pro5 introduces even more combination possibilities, ranging from stimulating and harmonizing to meditative, tailored perfectly to your unique life situation.

Key features at a glance:

  • Pioneering hybrid water cell technology
  • Patented Aquion Light-Module Pro5 with five frequencies, ranging from Gamma frequency, through Schumann frequency, to the Pineal gland frequency
  • Aquion Dual-Filter technology, as attested by expert reports, removes over 200 undesirable substances while retaining a wealth of natural materials (coconutfibres) and bioavailable minerals
  • Crafted to medical standards
  • ActiveWater with molecular hydrogen (ORP value of -310 mV) aids cell regeneration, slows the aging process, strengthens the immune system, and supports the detoxification process due to its antioxidative power
  • Eight types of water available at the push of a button, ideal for drinking, cooking, cleaning, nurturing, and reinvigorating foods such as vegetables, fruits, rice, etc.

Five solid reasons to opt for Aquion ActiveWater:

  • Water devices backed by over 20 years of experience in water refinement
  • An innovative german company dedicated to continual product development
  • Up to 15 years guarantee with included maintenance
  • Comprehensive service with expert guidance and a dedicated Aquion consultant
  • Quality management system with ISO-certification for device and filter technology

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Enhance your experience further with optional additions like the Aquion SpringWater Module and the eSmog Protector.

    Aquion Color:: White (case color white)
    Free EU-wide delivery in 10-12 working days.

    Our most popular hydrogen generator and alkaline water ionizer with a light module of five frequencies

    Input voltage

    230 V, 50 Hz (~)

    Power consumption

    Max. 120w


    5.5 kg


    300 x 135 x 355 mm (width x depth x height)

    Water temperature

    5-30 °C

    electrolysis strength

    8 settings including turbo function: approx. pH value >4 to approx. pH value <10 (depending on minerals in the water)

    Water flow


    Cleaning system

    Automatic cleaning system of the water cell

    Electrode material

    Titanium electrodes electroplated with platinum

    Filter life

    9 months or 3,600 liters

    Filter composition

    2 multi-stage special filters (filter membrane and fleece, calcium granules, active
    carbon block, multifunctional ceramic antimicrobial, hollow membrane fibres)

    Water connection

    Tap or directly to the water pipe

    Water system

    Hoses & john-guest adapter

    Dual-filtration (2 Pieces)

    Descaling pump

    pH-value measurement

    Aquion ActivWater. Fresh, alkaline water, rich in energy with antioxidative properties.


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