FreeSpirit: Hydrogen-rich water infused with light frequencies

Everything is vibration

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PRIMUS Pro: specially developed hybrid water cell device

The natural elixir of life

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PRIMUS-UT: The new generation of under-the-counter devices

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Hydrate yourself. Drink more water.

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Eight water varieties from a single hydrogen-rich water allrounder

Experience diverse hydration at the touch of a button. The water cell allows you to access water in various states, from filtered to hexagonal structure, and offers pH values ranging from an acidic 3.2 to an alkaline 10.0 for varied applications. Enhance your health. Boost your well-being. Delight in a unique drinking experience. It's hydration for the body, mind and soul.

ActiveWater Facts

Pioneers of science

In every drop of spring water there are more forces than a medium-sized power station of the present can generate

Quote Viktor Schauberger, Austrian inventor and discoverer of water turbulence

Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers

Quote Masaru Emoto, legendary water researcher

Hydrogen is the fuel of life

Quote Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, nobel laure and discoverer of vitamin c

Frequency is the medicine of the future

Albert Einstein, scientist, nobel prize winner and one of the most important physicists in the history of science

What our customers say

Markus Bartolic

Entrepreneur, personal trainer and lifestyle coach

Drinking is a crucial factor when it comes physical and mental well-being. With Aquion I have found a reliable partner to provide customers and myself with the best possible water.

Marco Heil

Naturopath, Physiotherapist

I attach great importance to “good” water, which neutralizes and flushes out acids and provides antioxidants. Aquion ActiveWater does exactly this for me.

Daniela Woelke

German Champion, two-time European Champion, three-time World Champion in Shotokan Karate

In karate, rhythm, explosive strength, and precision are crucial. Proper hydration matters too. AquionWater helps my body regenerate faster.

Most of our water devices are equipped with hybrid water cells

You can purify your tap water from environmental contaminants, make it readily available for cellular absorption and infuse it with energy – all with just the push of a button.

Discover Collection

Breakthrough benefits and cost savings.

How? By tapping at home you save on the weekly purchase of water. In addition, up to 100 liters can be produced per day. That's a lot. Converted, 1 liter of ActivWater costs approx 0,29 cents when tapping 10 liters for example.

One click water diversity

Tap water from your own spring for drinking, for cooking, for cleaning or as a care product for body, skin and hair.

Hybrid water cell: pure H₂ and alkaline

One glas of ActiveWater: a combination of hydrogen water for antioxidativ effects and alkaline level setting to keep your acid-base value in balance.