Water, the most extraordinary element on our planet and our inner ocean

The human body mirrors the Earth, containing its own vast inner ocean. A significant portion of our body is water, facilitating thousands of essential functions. The saliva initiating our digestion is mostly water. We discern the horizon because our eyes are cushioned in a fluid predominantly composed of water. Our muscles move largely because of their water content, guided by nerve impulses traveling through watery mediums. Essentially, all life processes occur in the presence of water. It transports, signals, lubricates, and hydrates.

Did you know?

Drinking water isn't just our most vital nutrient; it should be clean, energized, alkaline, ionized, and antioxidant-rich, ensuring the body can absorb it without expending extra energy. Knowing this, shouldn't we be more discerning about the water we consume?

For some, this is paramount. They journey globally to natural springs and therapeutic waters, seeking health and rejuvenation. There are notable healing sources in Germany, France, New Mexico, and India. While you can bottle this water to enjoy at home, what if you wish to drink it daily or use it in cooking?

One thing is certain: once you grasp the advantages of ActivWater, you'll understand its universal appeal. Imagine this: the ability to access your own spring water at home. With just a press, you can obtain any quantity, anytime – for you, your loved ones, pets, cooking, beauty, cleaning, disinfection, and beyond.

Discover the remarkable features and benefits of Aquion ActiveWater.


ActiveWater embodies the freshness of spring water. With its hexagonal structure, it is cell-permeable, laden with natural, bioavailable minerals and hydrogen molecules, and is adjustable to different alkaline levels. It boasts a negative redox potential, meaning it is antioxidant-rich, bolstering our immune system. It equalizes our body's acid-base balance and revives joy, vitality, and even amplifies mental and physical prowess.

Ionized Water

Protecting your health and allowing you to age with zeal is the promise of ionized water, as described by Ingomar W. Schwelz in 'The Water of Life'. Aquion's ionized ActiveWater emulates nature's water treatment. Utilizing the electrolysis principle, it adjusts the water's ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value, or its electrical charge, to the negative spectrum. This facilitation ensures our body's cells can easily process and utilize the water without preliminary charge alteration. Ionized water, often referred to as alkaline water, is reputed for its therapeutic benefits, believed to enhance metabolism, nutrient absorption, and toxin expulsion. This alkaline water imparts essential electrons conducive to optimal health.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline ionized water stands as a potent antioxidant, determined by its ORP value (Aquion ActiveWater boasts an ORP value reaching -590 mV). Alkaline water aids in counteracting body acidity either by expelling acids or proactively sustaining your body's acid-base equilibrium.

Hexagonal Water

The most primal form of water on our planet, aptly named the water planet, is hexagonal water. This water is also referred to as EZ-water, structured water, the water of life, or a six-sided liquid crystal. Its unique structure allows it to transmit signals and information more proficiently than typical water. Being in a higher energy state, it ensures improved hydration, superior nutrient absorption, enhanced detoxification, an optimized metabolism, and heightened cellular communication. Its ability to penetrate cells makes it fundamental to health, addressing nutritional and energy imbalances.

Molecular Hydrogen-rich Water

Water's essence is the binding of hydrogen, evident from its molecular composition, H₂O, an amalgamation of hydrogen and oxygen. Water also possesses the ability to bind gaseous hydrogen. Our bodies are composed of 60-90% water, a percentage influenced by age and body regions.

Hydrogen serves as our body's energy reservoir. Molecular hydrogen (H₂), the universe's tiniest element, can permeate even the blood-brain barrier. It infiltrates our cells, fueling our energy metabolism predominantly in high-energy cells like muscle cells, nerve cells, sensory cells, and egg cells. Hydrogen offers antioxidant defense against free radicals and oxidative stress, modulates ATP in our body, and thus enables increased energy production. The difference can be felt within minutes.

The antioxidative property even has a measurable effect size. For comparison: natural, hydrogen-rich water, which exhibits excellent effects, such as the water from the slate mine in Nordenau, Germany, contains about 300 ppb (parts per billion) of dissolved hydrogen. Aquion ActiveWater has about 500 ppb at level 1 and about 1.000 ppb at level 3. The function of H₂ Hydrogen-rich water even possesses 1.200 ppb of dissolved hydrogen.

Mineral-rich Water

Observing nature, we note that as water cascades down mountains into rivers and streams, it dissolves minerals from rocks and earth. Elements like sodium, calcium, and magnesium are frequently found in water as charged particles or named ions.

Minerals vitalize and electrolize water. They not only render water conductive but are paramount in upholding its structure. Nature houses 84 combinations of these minerals. These mineral ions can be quantified with devices measuring PPM or TDS. Significantly, only minerals are polar dissolved substances and hence conductive; contaminants aren't.

Light Frequency

Imagine if you could drink light energy. The Aquion LightModule turns this concept into reality. This module has proven to amplify the light concentration, namely biophotons, in the body by over 21%. The LightModule energetically infuses the Aquion ActiveWater with infrared light. Depending on configurations, varied frequencies can evoke vitalizing, harmonizing, or calming effects. The resultant LightWater retains this light energy, reminiscent of a battery, introducing the infrared spectrum of sunlight directly to your cells. This patented LightModule is Aquion's distinguishing feature, a revolutionary invention by Aquion owner, Johannes Heppenheimer.


What role do biophotons play within the body? Biophotons, derived from the Greek words "Bios" (life) and "Phos" (light, power), are carriers of information. They either instigate or facilitate processes within humans, animals, and plants, underscoring their pivotal significance for our health and wellness. Biophotons enrich our surroundings energetically, converting detrimental radiation into positive energy, thereby not only promoting health but also fostering tranquility. The scientist Fritz-Albert Popp has extensively researched this phenomenon.

Negative Ions

Despite the implications of their name, negative ions play a positive role in promoting air quality, human health, and overall well-being. These negatively charged ions, or anions, are formed when atoms acquire extra electrons, resulting in an excess of negative charge carriers.

Nature is a primary source of negative ions. They are abundant after storms, within forests, and near waterfalls, to name a few examples. Not only do they bolster the immune system by decreasing the concentration of free oxygen radicals in our bodies, but in essence, negative ions counteract positive ions.

Mitochondria Power

Mitochondria are components of your cells and are found in every trained body cell. Have you ever heard of the power plants of your cells? That’s exactly what your mitochondria are. They produce over 95% of your cellular energy and are responsible for ensuring that you always have enough energy available to power you in everyday life. Your brain alone uses an average of around 500 kcal of energy in the form of ATP.  ATP, or adenosinetriphosphate, is the universal energy carrier of your cells, i.e. the currency of your metabolism. If a reaction is to take place, it rarely works without ATP! Some cells even have up to 100.000 mitochondria because they require so much energy.

Important to know our mitochondria need the help of antioxidants to maintain the power as a power plant.

The importance of detoxification

Detoxification has emerged as a pivotal health concern in contemporary times. Engaging in regular, daily detoxification is crucial for our organs to function at their peak. Through this practice, we can experience enhanced health, renewed zest for life, increased energy, vitality, and creativity. It's only by eliminating environmental toxins and the acidic metabolic waste that accumulates with age that our body's innate healing capabilities can truly shine through.

Kick-start your detoxification best every day. The easiest and most effective way to do this is with a glass of ActivWasser.


Aquion's Dual-Filter Technology ensures nothing slips through, offering unparalleled protection against environmental contaminants.

Over the years, the awareness surrounding healthy eating and the significance of well-filtered drinking water has surged. The good news? All of Aquion's contemporary water systems come equipped with the Dual-Filter Technology. This advanced method seamlessly integrates tried-and-true techniques with innovative measures to offer filtration results unmatched elsewhere.

Aquion's groundbreaking Dual-Filter Technology guarantees water of unmatched purity, ensuring that every sip is a pure delight.

The synergistic fusion of the activated carbon block and the UF hollow membrane filter eliminates over 200 contaminants without filtering out essential natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, or sodium. It's vital to note that these naturally occurring minerals exist as ionically dissolved polar substances, which aren't trapped by activated carbon. Hence, they flow freely through the filter, preserving the water's natural mineral content.

This pioneering technology sets a new benchmark for drinking water safety standards.

The Aquion PRIMUS primary filter, grounded in activated carbon, efficiently purges: sediments, coarse suspended matter, rust deposits, chlorine and its compounds, pesticides, organic compounds, medicine residues, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and even neutralizes unpleasant odors. On the other hand, the Aquion PRIMUS secondary filter features a multifunctional ceramic ultrafiltration system with a pore size of 0.1 μm, adept at removing contaminants like germs, bacteria, micro-particle, and micro-plastics.

Furthermore, with Aquion's swift change function, replacing the filter is a breeze. In under two minutes, both filters can be swapped out, rendering the water system operational once again.

If interested, please follow this link for our report. 


The pH value indicates how acidic or alkaline the ActivWasser is: 0-7 is acidic, 7 is neutral, and 7-14 is alkaline. This value indicates the concentration of hydrogen ions. When the value changes by one unit, the amount of hydrogen ions changes by a factor of 10, an exponential function. The actual pH values depend on the mineral composition of the source water, namely tap water, the temperature, and the flow rate.

Aquion ActiveWater has the capability to dispense eight different pH values within seconds. Ranging from acidic, approximately 3.3, to alkaline, up to around 10.0.

8 Water types of the touch of a button

All Aquion water devices provide various types of water at the push of a button, tailored to your individual preference.

  • A filtered level of approximately 7.0 to 8.5, based on your tap water.
  • Three alkaline levels ranging from around 7.2 to 9.5.
  • A HydrogenWater level from about 7.0 to 8.5, derived from tap and filtered water.
  • Two Turbo levels: alkaline from roughly 9.5 to 10.0 and acidic from about 3.3 to 5.0.
  • Lastly, two acidic levels from approximately 6.0 to 7.0.

Here's a brief excerpt from our recommended drinking and application guide:

To stimulate your metabolism, it's best to alternate between water types of the alkaline stages 1 to 3. For disinfection purposes, brush your teeth using the acidic water type. For minor burns or wounds, it's recommended to apply the H₂ HydrogenWater directly for external healing. To rid your vegetables of pesticides and fats, opt for the turbo level water type or the acidic water level. Your skin prefers an acidic pH for cleansing or care, and your food, such as fruits, vegetables, lentils, or sprouts, for instance, benefits from the revitalizing power of the alkaline stage 3 or the turbo stage.

Please note that all pH level stages depend on the condition of your outgoing tap water.

ORP value, redox potential

The Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), also known as the Redox Potential, provides insight into the antioxidative power – akin to the potency of Vitamin C. Values less than 400 mV and those extending into the negative range indicate strong antioxidative power. Conversely, values greater than 400 mV are oxidative and, metaphorically speaking, have a rusting effect.

SpringWater Module

A spring in your kitchen. The Aquion SpringWater Module revitalizes previously stagnant tap water, endowing it with the freshness and vitality of a natural spring. Our well-being is significantly influenced by the quality of our food, nutrition, and the structural integrity of our drinking water.

The Aquion SpringWater Module contains a mountain crystal, which is based on the vortex principle developed by Viktor Schauberger.

The benefits of the Aquion SpringWater Module include renaturation, vitality, and positive information transmission, with the most significant unique feature being the erasure of all pollutant information at the subtle level. Moreover, it's maintenance-free, doesn't require a power connection, and is free from chemicals.

It's also suitable as a shower module. Experience a shower free from environmental influences, energized by the power of the mountain crystal.

eSmog Protector

It's omnipresent, even though it's silent, invisible, and odorless: Electrosmog. Radiations from mobile phones, electrical devices, power lines, or Wi-Fi contribute to making electrosmog an increasing problem of our time. Experts have long been aware of the potential health hazards posed by electromagnetic radiation.

Our eSmog Protector might appear small and inconspicuous, but it provides significant protection by shielding the biofield from technical radiation. It has a harmonizing effect and never loses its antenna-like functionality. All Aquionizers can be equipped with an eSmog-Protector upon request.


There is a collection of studies on ActiveWater and ionized water. If interested, please follow this link.

Customer Service

Not only do our products meet the highest quality standards, but we also offer unparalleled services. From consultation and customer service to on-site installation. Aquion also offers up to 15 years guarantee on all water devices. This applies to fixed installations in houses and apartments. Uses in mobile kitchens like caravans or in commercial use such as cafes and restaurants are excluded. The guarantee here is 2 years. In Order to benefit from the 15 year guarantee, maintenane at 3 year intervals is required. For this purpose, the Aquion systems are sent in and tested on site at the german factory. This test is associated with a flat rate of EUR 99,00.


By drawing water from your own source at home, you're drinking in an eco-ethical manner, helping us set a new quality standard for sustainable drinking water. Aquion ActiveWater carries an eco-ethical quality seal. This represents energy savings, the avoidance of unnecessary transportation and the associated excessive CO₂ emissions, and the reduction of plastic waste. By drinking eco-ethical water, we are responsibly and sustainably preserving our environment, giving us the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

Costs and Investments

Aquion ActiveWater costs 29 cents per liter. With this investment in your own life and health, you save a significant amount of money. The costs of weekly water shopping are completely eliminated. A valuable side effect: besides saving money, you also gain additional lifetime. Moreover, up to 100 liters of water can be drawn daily for drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc., which in no way compares to bottled water. Lastly, various testimonials indicate that the intake of dietary supplements can be reduced. Here, ActiveWater assists by transporting bioavailable minerals, vitamins, trace elements, etc., directly to every single cell.

Who is ActiveWater suitable for?

ActiveWater is for everyone. It's not just for sports enthusiasts and athletes. It's for parents of young children, the children themselves, hard-working individuals who feel drained by the end of the day, truck drivers and commuters battling fatigue, students needing higher concentration for exams, people wanting rejuvenation or those who need regenerative power for their immune system. Your pets will naturally gravitate towards drinking hexagonal water, and even your plants will thank you. 

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