SpringWater module

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We draw our vitality from the energy and power of nature. An energy that also swirls in fresh spring water. Tap water, on the other hand, has lost this valuable power.
But we can change that!

Thanks to the swirling via a crystal in the Aquion spring water module, your tap water regains this dynamism. This has an invigorating effect and can be tasted immediately.

Create your own lively spring water

Renaturation is a game changer for the water you drink. What is it?
The rock crystal in the Aquion SpringWater Module splits the water stream into tiny eddies, restoring its natural spring water character. This means that the tap water from the pipe can regain its natural freshness and vitality. And you feel it with every sip you take.

The spring in your kitchen

The Aquion SpringWater Module reinvigorates the previously trapped tap water, giving it the vitality of fresh spring water.

The Aquion SpringWater Module improves the crystalline structure of the tap water and restores its natural spring water quality.

Positive, invigorating vibrations are the result.

The spring in your bath

The Aquion SpringWater Module can also be used in your showering. Feel the power of soft, energized water on your body, hair and skin.

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