eSmog Protector

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Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere.

Radiation from cell phones, electrical devices, power lines or WLAN are some of the reasons why electrosmog became an increasing problem of our time. Experts have long been aware of the potential health risks posed by electromagnetic radiation.
The Aquion eSmog Protector (which is optional) provides help for your health: It reduces the risk of electromagnetic pollution and it also has a harmonizing effect.

The eSmog Protector strengthens a person’s biofield against radiation from electronic devices.

Our Aquion eSmog Protector comes along small, but performs great services by protecting the biofield against technical radiation or even on subtle level.

All Aquion water devices the PRIMUS Pro, FreeSpirit and PRIMUS-UT can be easily equipped with an eSmog Protector.

And last but not least, the eSmog Protector can also be used mobile as a protective shield for your biosystem to go.

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